We believe it’s about time the sea of unnecessary waste at races needs to stop and all races should be more sustainable. Running is one of the most environmentally friendly activities to do yet when we race it’s become the norm to litter, consume thousands of single use plastic bottles and receive a plastic goody bag with a handful of leaflets! Yet the reality is that it’s illegal to litter, most of us use reusable water bottles and we balk at paying 20p for a bag for life at the supermarket!

We also want to be held accountable for our actions, therefore, we’re publishing our Sustainability Vision 2020-2022 which outlines how we are going to be the only single use plastic free and carbon neutral major road running event in the world! We’re all on a journey to eradicate pollutants and to live more sustainably so whilst we know we’re not perfect, we at least want to be pioneers for others to follow.

Here’s our short version “Sustainability Vision Overview 2020-2022” or read the full version here “Sustainability Vision 2020-2022”.